takht jamshid
اقامت دائم اروپا
اقامت دائم اروپا
اقامت دائم اروپا
اقامت دائم اروپا




cities information

  Iran has a vast land area of 1.648,000 square kilometers and is located in the southwest of Asia, between the countries of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia in the north, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east, Turkey and Iraq in the west. The entire southern boundary of Iran is surrounded…

IRAN Ancient history

Ancient historyDuring ancient times, the government ready by the end of the Sassanid and attack Arabs in Iran is. (6th Century to 652m)Prior to the migration of the Aryans to the Iranian plateau , relatives lived in different civilizations in Iran . The present land of Iran is a large…



  • Interesting information about Iran
        Interesting information about Iran Reading and interesting information about Iran ▪ Do you know: The first people who invented the ego or sewage system to evacuate urban water outside the city were Iranians. Do you know: the first people who presented the horse to the world were Iranians. ▪ Do you know: The first people who nurtured and used pets were Iranians. ▪ Do you know: The first people who discovered copper were Iranians. ▪ Do you know: The first people who discovered fire in the world were Iranians. ▪ Do you know: The first people who started melting metals were...
    IRANIAN CUSTOMS IN NOWRUZ Rituals on New Year's Eve Thetraditions and customs of people in various festivals, cultures and civilizations of different nations, of course, are different in different nations, for example, during the Jewish Era, the killing of man and blood from man and inside bread is poured. On some Christian occasions, they make dishes and bread with wines, so these festivals are remarkable traditions and show the identity and grandeur of some nations, or the fall and stagnation of others, and the feast of every nation is in the culture of that nation. Of course, Christians at Christmas have...
  • 4shanbe souri
    CHAHARSHANBE SURI, PERSIAN FESTIVAL OF FIRE Chahar Shanbe Suri | One of the most important things to do in Iran is to check out the calendar for annual festivals. Iran holds and celebrates various events and festivals all year round. Some of the rituals and festivals in Iran consist of religious ceremonies and rites, and many others have more historic and ceremonial backgrounds which can be tracked in to pre-Islamic era. There are also many feasts and celebrations to pay homage to many deities and they are mostly farming festivals. The festivals in Iran vary greatly by region due to Iran’s multi-ethnic...
  • yalda
          These days, Christian countries around the world are getting ready for Christmas. All streets, stores and houses are decorated with lights for this festive season. You hear Christmas songs everywhere and some people even wear Christmas jumpers. For Iranians, all around the world, it’s different, because they are getting ready for one of their most important nights of the year: Yalda night or Shab e Chelleh. The majority of Iranians don’t celebrate Christmas, of course we do have Armenian communities and other Christian communities who do celebrate Christmas in Iran. I think Yalda is much more highlighted than Christmas in...
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